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Improve patient experiences, streamline paperwork, and focus more on what matters - your patients.

Patient Satisfaction
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Daily Time Saved
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2 hrs
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Empower Primary Care with Shine AI

Simplify Documentation with Advanced Technology

AI AutoScribing leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to accurately transcribe spoken language in primary care consultations.

Going beyond mere transcription, it understands context, identifies key points, and structures them into comprehensive patient notes.

Ease the administrative load

With Shine's autoscribing, Dr. Smith can focus entirely on the patient, picking up subtle cues and establishing deeper empathy, free from the distraction of note-taking.

Catch every key detail

Shine captures all significant details, acting like a safety net for diagnosis and treatment planning, ensuring no important insight gets missed.

Compliance made easy

Accurate medical records and regulatory compliance are a given with Shine, every detail is meticulously noted.

Boost accessibility

Autoscribing can break down barriers, acting as a personal translator or transcription service, making primary care services more inclusive.

Leveraging Advanced AI for Seamless Documentation

Our AI Autoscribing technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to convert spoken language into written text.

But it doesn't stop there.

The technology understands context, identifies key points, and generates structured notes - thereby turning hours of administrative work into a few seconds of automated process.

Shine's AI Autoscribing process

Simplifying Documentation - Step by Step

When a primary care provider interacts with a patient, the AI autoscribing software listens in real-time.

As conversation flows, the software captures the dialogue, and transcribes it into text

Shine AI identifies important elements, and creates comprehensive, structured notes.

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AI Autoscribing in Action
Transcription in Progress
Dr. Patel
Hi, I'm Dr. Patel. How can I help you today?
The patient reports persistent fatigue, headaches, and difficulty sleeping for a few weeks. They maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. No recent significant lifestyle changes were reported.
The patient appears in good health apart from reported symptoms. No immediate physical abnormalities were noted during the consultation.
The patient is experiencing fatigue, headaches, and sleep issues. The cause is currently unknown as diet, exercise, and lifestyle seem to be balanced. Further investigations are required.
Further evaluations are needed to identify the underlying cause of these symptoms. These will provide a clearer understanding and help us develop a targeted treatment plan to manage the patient's symptoms.
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Security and Compliance

Securing Patient Information and Upholding Standards

Our AI autoscribing technology is designed with the highest security standards to ensure patient confidentiality. We adhere to HIPAA and other regional data protection laws, ensuring all patient information is encrypted and secure.

Continuous Learning

Learning and Improving With Every Session

The brilliance of Shine AI lies in its ability to learn and improve over time. With each session, the AI Autoscribing tool gets better at understanding your specific practice style, increasing its accuracy and effectiveness.

Shine AI has made a tremendous difference in our documentation process, allowing us to focus on providing crucial care to our patients. The time savings have enabled us to see more patients and improve the quality of care.
VP of Operations

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