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Enhancing Primary Care Documentation
Transforming Radiology Documentation
Streamlining Emergency Medicine Paperwork
Revolutionizing Dermatology Scribing
The Challenge
Rising transcription costs due to dependence on manual documentation processes.
Increased potential for errors in patient records due to human transcription inaccuracies.
Decreased patient satisfaction as providers were preoccupied with documentation instead of patient interaction.
Diminished provider productivity and revenue resulting from time-consuming paperwork and administrative tasks.
Why Shine AI
Seeking a comprehensive solution to these challenges, they opted to implement Shine AI from Beam Health.
Shine AI employs
  • Advanced speech recognition,
  • Natural language processing to capture patient encounters in real-time,
  • Generate accurate and structured notes, and
  • Seamlessly integrate them with their EHR system.
The Results
Their experience after integrating Shine AI into their workflow demonstrates the transformative power of Shine AI in streamlining documentation processes, reducing costs, and enhancing patient care.
Through a rigorous quality assurance process, which involves manual review and validation by trained professionals, we found that Shine AI consistently delivered a remarkable 92% transcription accuracy rate, significantly improving the reliability of their patient records.
By utilizing advanced speech recognition and natural language processing, Shine AI is revolutionizing the way emergency medicine clinics and other healthcare facilities approach their documentation needs.
Patient Satisfaction
(NPS score)
/ 100
Transcription Accuracy
Daily Time Saved
(per provider)
2 hrs
Total Savings
(per year)
Shine AI has made a tremendous difference in our documentation process, allowing us to focus on providing crucial care to our patients. The time savings have enabled us to see more patients and improve the quality of care.
VP of Operations

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