Getting Started

Beam makes it easy for healthcare professionals to earn significant revenue through remote consultations

1. Download Our App

Our HIPAA-Compliant app is free to download & available for all Android & iOS users.

2. Connect Your Bank Account

Create a stripe account & connect it to your Beam profile with this link

3. Share your Beam webpage

Once you create a profile, a website will be created for you to onboard patients. Patients who register on your website will show up on the app.

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Our Integration Partners

We’ve integrated our telemedicine workflow with some of the most innovative startups in healthcare & technology


Increase Revenue & Reduce No-Shows

No training or implementation time required 

Transparent per-consult pricing. No monthly fees, long term contracts

Integrated with over 3,000 insurance payers


We only charge for completed consults on our app

What Customers Are Saying

I was hesitant to implement telehealth in my office; I didn’t want to be bombarded with patient messages. I have been pleasantly surprised–telemedicine has not made me any more busy than I was before, and it’s actually allowed me to see more patients more efficiently.

Dr. Melissa Morrissey
Battery Park Pediatrics
New York, NY

I love having a direct line of communication with Beam’s leadership team, two ambitious entrepreneurs with a great track record and a deep appreciation for their early customers.

Tim Isaacs, Urgent Care 24/7
Savannah, GA

“It’s great knowing a service like Beam exists, and that I can have video consults with my physician when I’m busy or at work. Would highly recommend Beam to any physician or practice looking to attract busy patients”

– Cristina C, Beam Patient

Specialists that use Beam

Cardiology Oncology Diabetes Care Diet & Nutrition Weight Management Psychiatry
Chiropractic Dermatology Eye Clinics Family Medicine OBGYN Orthopedics
Pediatrics Physical Therapists Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons Podiatrists Spine Dentists

Patient care is your priority.
Deliver it digitally.

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