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Heighten diagnostic precision, streamline documentation, and focus more on dermatological care and patient comfort.

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Empower Dermatology with Shine AI

Streamline Documentation with Cutting-Edge Technology

AI AutoScribing uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to transcribe spoken language in dermatology consultations accurately.

Going beyond simple transcription, it understands context, identifies crucial observations, and structures them into comprehensive patient notes.

Ease the administrative load

With Shine's autoscribing, Dr. Roberts can fully focus on the patient, analyzing their skin condition and symptoms, free from the distraction of note-taking.

Catch every key detail

Shine captures all crucial details, ensuring no important symptom or observation gets missed - a safety net for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Compliance made easy

Accurate medical records and regulatory compliance are a given with Shine. Every detail about the patient's skin condition and treatment is meticulously noted.

Boost accessibility

Autoscribing can break down barriers, acting as a personal translator or transcription service, making dermatology services more inclusive.

Leveraging Advanced AI for Seamless Documentation

Our AI Autoscribing technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to convert spoken language into written text.

But it doesn't stop there.

The technology understands context, identifies key points, and generates structured notes - thereby turning hours of administrative work into a few seconds of automated process.

Shine's AI Autoscribing process

Simplifying Documentation - Step by Step

When a dermatology professional interacts with a patient, the AI autoscribing software listens in real-time.

As conversation flows, the software captures the dialogue, and transcribes it into text

Shine AI identifies important elements, and creates comprehensive, structured notes.

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AI Autoscribing in Action
Transcription in Progress
Dr. Patel
Hi, I'm Dr. Patel. How can I help you today?
The patient presents with a two-week history of an itchy, red rash on their arm. They express concern about this recent skin change. The patient reports a change in their skincare routine about a month ago with the introduction of a new soap. They deny exposure to any new plants or substances.
Upon inspection, a localized rash is present on the patient's arm. It appears to be red and inflamed. No other physical abnormalities or rashes are noted.
The patient presents with a localized rash on their arm, likely contact dermatitis. The rash's onset aligns with the introduction of a new soap, suggesting that the product could be the irritant causing the skin reaction.
Discontinuation of the new soap is recommended to see if the rash resolves. Topical steroids and antihistamines may be prescribed to alleviate itchiness and inflammation. The patient should be advised to monitor the rash and return for follow-up if there's no improvement in a week or if the rash worsens.
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Security and Compliance

Securing Patient Information and Upholding Standards

Our AI autoscribing technology is designed with the highest security standards to ensure patient confidentiality. We adhere to HIPAA and other regional data protection laws, ensuring all patient information is encrypted and secure.

Continuous Learning

Learning and Improving With Every Session

The brilliance of Shine AI lies in its ability to learn and improve over time. With each session, the AI Autoscribing tool gets better at understanding your specific practice style, increasing its accuracy and effectiveness.

Shine AI has made a tremendous difference in our documentation process, allowing us to focus on providing crucial care to our patients. The time savings have enabled us to see more patients and improve the quality of care.
VP of Operations

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