What is Praxis?

Praxis EMR's unique approach to electronic health records involves an AI-driven, template-free system, promoting a more natural and efficient way of charting. It's designed for faster documentation, improved patient care, and personalized use for each physician.

The integration with Beam Health seeks to augment Praxis EMR’s unique system with Beam’s AI functionalities, enhancing clinical workflow and patient care efficiency.

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A sophisticated AI platform designed to enhance the unique capabilities of Praxis EMR, focusing on physician efficiency and personalized care.
  • Highly preferred by physicians for its usability
  • Promotes a more efficient and personalized approach to patient care
Praxis EMR provides a distinctive, AI-driven EHR solution, prioritizing usability, physician satisfaction, and patient care across various specialties.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of medical specialties
  • Focused on reducing documentation time and enhancing patient care
  • Offers a unique, template-free charting approach

Beam Health & Praxis

Key Features

AI Autoscribing Automatically transcribe consultations into clinical notes, integrating seamlessly into Healthie's EHR.
Asynchronous Telehealth Boost efficiency with asynchronous telehealth options, enhancing client accessibility.
One-click EHR Integrations Facilitate easy integration with Healthie's platform for consolidated data management.
Reimbursements Simplify billing and reimbursement processes, improving financial operations within practices.
AI-Driven, Template-Free EHR An innovative approach to EHR, allowing for faster and more personalized charting.
Enhanced Physician Efficiency Designed to significantly reduce documentation time, enhancing overall practice efficiency.
Customized Patient Care Facilitates personalized patient care with its adaptable and intuitive system.

Works Effortlessly For

Power your Beam experience to the next level with Praxis.

Activate Praxis EMR integration through the Beam Health dashboard for a seamless combination of AI-driven EHR capabilities.

How the Integration Works

Step 1

Log into Beam Health, go to Integrations, and turn on Praxis EMR integration.

Protecting patient data

  • Patient consent is required and no data is transmitted without it.
  • Praxis is HIPAA compliant and SOC2 Type 2, meeting all standards for data security and segregation of patient health data.
  • Technology workflows are designed to ensure all PHI and PII data is handled securely throughout the entire process and encrypted per latest industry standards.
Step 2

Utilize the enhanced features of Praxis EMR within the Beam Health ecosystem for efficient patient care and practice management.

Step 3

Benefit from seamless data integration between Praxis EMR and Beam, optimizing healthcare delivery and practice operations.

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