What is PracticeQ?

PracticeQ's platform is designed for versatility, offering a range of features from appointment scheduling to comprehensive insurance billing. Aimed at improving practice efficiency, it caters to multiple specialties with its customizable EHR and practice management solutions.

Integrating with Beam Health, PracticeQ seeks to enhance its practice management capabilities with AI-driven tools, improving patient care and administrative efficiency.

Discover the benefits of our integration and transform your healthcare practice today

An AI-powered platform tailored for diverse healthcare practices, emphasizing efficient patient management and streamlined operations.
  • Adopted by a wide range of healthcare specialties
  • Praised for its flexibility and comprehensive features
PracticeQ delivers a flexible, cloud-based EHR and practice management system, adaptable for various healthcare practices with a focus on automation and efficiency.
  • Customizable for specific healthcare needs
  • Supports patient journey from intake to billing
  • Facilitates efficient clinic management with robust automation

Beam Health & PracticeQ

Key Features

AI Autoscribing Automatically transcribe consultations into clinical notes, integrating seamlessly into Healthie's EHR.
Asynchronous Telehealth Boost efficiency with asynchronous telehealth options, enhancing client accessibility.
One-click EHR Integrations Facilitate easy integration with Healthie's platform for consolidated data management.
Reimbursements Simplify billing and reimbursement processes, improving financial operations within practices.
Customizable EHR and Practice Management A versatile platform offering tailored solutions for appointment booking, patient charting, and billing.
Automated Patient Intake and Engagement Streamlines patient intake and engagement with automated online forms and communication tools.
Comprehensive e-Prescribing and Inventory Management Includes integrated e-prescribing and efficient inventory management for seamless clinic operations.

Works Effortlessly For

Power your Beam experience to the next level with PracticeQ.

Activate PracticeQ's integration through the Beam Health dashboard for an enhanced practice management experience.

How the Integration Works

Step 1

Log into Beam Health, head to Integrations, and enable PracticeQ integration with a simple toggle.

Protecting patient data

  • Patient consent is required and no data is transmitted without it.
  • PracticeQ is HIPAA compliant and SOC2 Type 2, meeting all standards for data security and segregation of patient health data.
  • Technology workflows are designed to ensure all PHI and PII data is handled securely throughout the entire process and encrypted per latest industry standards.
Step 2

Manage patient care and clinic operations using PracticeQ’s enhanced features within Beam Health.

Step 3

Enjoy efficient synchronization of data between PracticeQ and Beam, optimizing healthcare service management.

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