What is ModMed?

ModMed's suite of healthcare solutions, including EMA and gGastro EHR, are designed to enhance patient care and optimize practice efficiency. These systems are tailored to the unique workflows of various specialties, offering features like intuitive documentation, advanced analytics, and integrated practice management.

Integrating with Beam Health, ModMed aims to enhance its EHR capabilities by incorporating Beam's AI-driven tools for efficient practice management, including auto-scribing and streamlined patient engagement.

Discover the benefits of our integration and transform your healthcare practice today

An AI-powered platform for modernizing patient operations, enhancing healthcare delivery.
  • Adopted by numerous specialty practices
  • Known for its user-friendly interface and efficiency improvements
ModMed offers specialty-focused healthcare technology, enhancing EHR, patient engagement, and practice management for a more cohesive healthcare experience.
  • Widely recognized in specialty medical fields
  • Focused on improving patient outcomes through technology
  • Compatible with various healthcare IT systems

Beam Health & ModMed

Key Features

AI Autoscribing Efficiently convert spoken consultations into clinical notes, seamlessly integrated into the EHR.
Asynchronous Telehealth Enhance practice efficiency with asynchronous telehealth capabilities, allowing for flexible patient interactions.
One-click EHR Integrations Easily integrate with existing healthcare systems, ensuring unified data management.
Reimbursements Streamlined billing and reimbursement processes, supporting efficient practice management and financial operations.
Comprehensive EHR System ModMed's EHR, including EMA and gGastro, supports complete patient care management with specialty-specific features.
Integrated Practice Management Streamline administrative tasks with integrated practice management tools, improving operational efficiency.
Advanced Patient Engagement Enhance patient interaction and satisfaction with innovative engagement tools and patient portals.

Works Effortlessly For

Power your Beam experience to the next level with ModMed.

Easily integrate ModMed with Beam Health from the dashboard. This connection enhances EHR functionalities and unifies practice management tasks.

How the Integration Works

Step 1

Log into Beam Health, navigate to Integrations, and connect to ModMed with a simple toggle switch.

Protecting patient data

  • Patient consent is required and no data is transmitted without it.
  • ModMed is HIPAA compliant and SOC2 Type 2, meeting all standards for data security and segregation of patient health data.
  • Technology workflows are designed to ensure all PHI and PII data is handled securely throughout the entire process and encrypted per latest industry standards.
Step 2

Continue patient care with Beam's AI tools for encounter scribing, patient charging, and insurance management.

Step 3

All practice data seamlessly syncs with ModMed, offering a unified platform for patient and practice management.

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