What is Acuity Scheduling?

Acuity Scheduling simplifies appointment booking by offering a user-friendly interface that integrates with various platforms. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, it provides a range of features to customize scheduling needs.

Beam Health's integration with Acuity Scheduling provides a unified solution for healthcare providers to book, manage, and track appointments. This combination enhances the scheduling process and ensures a seamless patient experience.

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Online scheduling tool that allows for easy appointment setting, cancellations, reminders, and payments, catering to the needs of businesses of various sizes.
  • Used by thousands of businesses globally
  • Known for its flexibility and customization options
  • Offers integrations with various third-party applications

Beam Health & Acuity Scheduling

Key Features

Scheduling Integration Integrate Acuity Scheduling with Beam Health to manage all aspects of appointment booking, reminders, and patient interactions.
One-click Appointment Sync Effortlessly synchronize your appointments between Beam and Acuity, ensuring accurate and up-to-date scheduling information.
Reimbursements - Optimize billing processes with support for preauthorization, claims reimbursement, and an 88% Medicaid claim acceptance rate.
Flexible Scheduling - Acuity Scheduling offers various features to handle appointments, cancellations, and rescheduling, providing a smooth user experience.
Customizable Booking Forms - Design your booking forms to suit your needs, collecting relevant patient information with ease.
Integrated Payment Solutions - Accept payments at the time of booking with integrated payment gateways, streamlining the payment process.

Power your Beam experience to the next level with Acuity Scheduling.

It's simple. Just enable the Acuity Scheduling integration from the Beam Health dashboard. Once connected, your Acuity appointment data will automatically synchronize with Beam, making appointment management a breeze.

How the Integration Works

Step 1

Access Acuity Scheduling by logging into the Beam Health platform, navigating to Integrations, and connecting to Acuity by turning on the toggle.

Protecting patient data

  • Patient consent is required and no data is transmitted without it.
  • Acuity Scheduling is HIPAA compliant and SOC2 Type 2, meeting all standards for data security and segregation of patient health data.
  • Technology workflows are designed to ensure all PHI and PII data is handled securely throughout the entire process and encrypted per latest industry standards.
Step 2

Continue to see patients, using Shine AI and the Beam dashboard to manage appointments, reminders, and other scheduling functions.

Step 3

All your scheduling data will automatically sync with Acuity Scheduling, allowing you to manage your practice and patients from a single, integrated platform.

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