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Use Beam’s telemedicine marketing services to reach new patients, have more appointments and grow your practice

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Beam’s leadership team has extensive experience in helping medical practices expand their reach and grow their practices. Sas Ponnapalli, Beam’s CEO, was the founding CTO of PlushCare, a telemedicine urgent care practice that grew to $8MM in yearly revenue and 100,000 patients in just 3 years. Beam can apply our proven marketing playbook to help our provider customers acquire new patients and reach new markets in the state(s) that they are licensed in via Beam’s telemedicine platform.


Expand Your Reach

Why limit your practice to patients who live near your offices? Expand your reach to new geographies within the state(s) your providers are licensed in!


Promote Your Practice

Your branding, logos and photos will be featured in online marketing campaigns designed and run by Beam’s world class telehealth marketing team. 


Search Engine Marketing

Target search queries on channels like Google to acquire new patients for your practice. i.e. searching “urgent care near me” will send patients to a Beam website created for your practice, where the patient can schedule a consult.


Hyper-Localized Targeting

We focus your marketing budget on geographies most likely to have suitable patients for your practice. Depending on your preferences, we can target university campuses, counties with cash-pay patients, rural/urban areas or suburbs with a high population of new mothers.


Target Specific Conditions

Beam can market your practice to patients with specific conditions, such as Depression, ADHD, STDs, UTIs, Acne, Pink Eye, Migraines or the Flu. 


Choose Your Marketing Budget

Whether you own an enterprise health system or a solo practice, we are here to help. Choose a budget that works for your and we’ll do the rest!

One Month With Zero Fees

Beam can manage paid search engine marketing campaigns that drive new patients who are looking for telehealth consults to a provider’s Beam website (which we generate for all our customers, for free). For your first month, you can choose your advertising budget, and Beam will run marketing campaigns for $0 in management fees. In other words, 100% of your marketing budget will go towards your advertising spend! If you would like to continue after the first month, Beam will charge a management fee of 20%. With Beam’s satisfaction guarantee, we will refund half of our management fees if the provider is not happy with the service.

“I never thought of telemedicine as a way to find and treat patients beyond the cities that I practice in until I spoke with Beam’s marketing team. Their marketing expertise, coupled with Beam’s easy to use telemedicine app, make for a potent patient acquisition tool. We’re bringing in more patients, more revenue and even hiring more providers, without adding to our overhead or having to expand our brick and mortar locations.”

Dr. Daniel Leng

Helping Practices Grow is our Mission

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